Sunday, September 28, 2008

smart cars... are they really so smart?

smart cars; we all have heard of them, but how smart are they really??
Smart cars seem very small, and fuel efficient, but there is a dark side to the smart. Smarts are suggested to run off of PREMIUM fuels instead of cheaper, more efficient regular fuel.
In addition, the TWO SEATER smart starts at $11,590, IS THAT NOT STEEP??
The smart also offers only 33 MPG city, and 41 MPG highway. I rest my case.
On the other side of life, the Smart is easily customisable, with plastic, interchangeable body panels, and body kits, you can have a 1 of a kind smart.
so a purchase of a smart is sort of bitter-sweet.
Good...ish fuel economy, premium fuel.
easily customisable, for a base price of $11,590.
.... yeah that's what i thought.


I have decided to change the genre of my blog from gas free, to gas friendly. It may not please all, but it sure will be easier on my part. So, without further ado, GAS FRIENDLY...