Sunday, September 28, 2008

smart cars... are they really so smart?

smart cars; we all have heard of them, but how smart are they really??
Smart cars seem very small, and fuel efficient, but there is a dark side to the smart. Smarts are suggested to run off of PREMIUM fuels instead of cheaper, more efficient regular fuel.
In addition, the TWO SEATER smart starts at $11,590, IS THAT NOT STEEP??
The smart also offers only 33 MPG city, and 41 MPG highway. I rest my case.
On the other side of life, the Smart is easily customisable, with plastic, interchangeable body panels, and body kits, you can have a 1 of a kind smart.
so a purchase of a smart is sort of bitter-sweet.
Good...ish fuel economy, premium fuel.
easily customisable, for a base price of $11,590.
.... yeah that's what i thought.

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darren petersen said...

i ;ike thios car a lot's
darren p