Saturday, August 30, 2008

America's Air Car

Tata (the city cats company) IS planning to bring a version of this car to the U.S., but the catch is that the car will be made into a HYBRID!!! A mix of diesel or gas and air! can you imagine a vehicle that runs on air, achieves over 100 gas-equivalent mpg and over 90 mph, has low C02 emissions, has plenty of space for luggage, is safe , and costs the same as the average mid-size vehicle?
This is the performance expected from the new compressed air vehicle that Zero Pollution Motors is introducing to North America in at least 2010. The vehicle is powered by the Compressed Air Engine developed by Motor Development International. The air car has an extremely strong tank to hold the air. Yes it is sad that America doesnt get the FULLY air powered car, but it is still a small and affordable change.

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