Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gas Free!

There has been yet another breakthrough in alternative fuels, and that is COMPRESSED AIR. India an ex-formula one engineer, Guy Negre, designed and built a car for Luxembourg-based MDI, that runs on compressed air. This car the "City Cat", is available only in India and France for about $12,700. I would like to bring this amazing car to the United States of America. This car can reach 68 mph and can travel up to 125 miles on COMPRESSED AIR! The exhaust is filtered cold fresh air. I mean honestly, $12,700 for a car that runs off air and emits air?! This company has also been working on a system that is an air compressor that runs on air so the car can compress it's own air and will never need to be 'filled up'. Now we all know about the effects of gasoline and the price of hybrids, but the 'City Cat' runs on air, puts out air and is very reasonably priced but we don't have it available here in the U.S. If they do bring it to the U.S. they are planning on making it a gasoline/air hybrid. Using about 8 gallons of gas per tank of air it could go as far as 1000 miles before needing a 'fill up'.

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